Patients with intermediate private health insurance – Ipswich General Hospital

The Surgeon and Assistant
Dr Brazel’s fee depends on the type of operation you are having. Each operation has one or more item numbers, which are used to work out the cost. Depending on the nature of the operation an assistant may be required. In order to simplify arrangements, the account for the Dr Brazel and his assistant will be forwarded directly to your Health Fund for payment. You may be required to pay an out of pocket fee, this will depend on your private health fund coverage. The exact amount of this fee will be advised in writing when your operation is booked. This fee is payable seven days before surgery.

The anaesthetist
NARKOS provide anaesthetist’s services for the Ipswich region. Please contact NARKOS Phone 32819444 for information on their fee and billing policy.

Ipswich General Hospital – Hospital bed, operating theatre, prostheses and implants
Normally your health fund will meet the full costs of the hospital bed, operating theatre and any prostheses and implants required. Often there is an excess required to be paid before the operation.

You should contact your Health Fund to determine the level of coverage you have.

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